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Admission Open Session 2021-2022
Royal Oxford International Sr. Sec. School

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Chairman Message

Dear Parents & Students,

It gives me an immense pleasure to express my view of the past session.

ROISSS was introduced with the object to uplift the standard of Education in Etawah & nearby areas. The response of parents & well wishers have really touched my heart which encouraged me to have a word with you to concentrate and meditate about will power which leads us to success and strength.

A student needs to study, knowing how good it is for his future; even than he prefers to involve in wasteful activities. The reason is that our mind does not like any discipline. It loves its freedom and whims more than any thing else.

"Human being does not lack strength; they lack will"

Will power is the inner power that grants the strengths : to make decision and take action against wanted and unwanted things, and also strengthens us to over come inner resistance.

So make an aim of your life and work on it with strong will power and you will observe that obstacles will move automatically and success will invite you at every step oflife.

Wish you Good Luck

With Best Wishes .

Ranveer Singh Yadav & Suresh Kumar Yadav

Chairmen of Royal Oxford International Sr. Sec. School