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Admission Open Session 2021-2022
Royal Oxford International Sr. Sec. School

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School Library

To maximize the reading skills of students, school has developed a rich library with approximately 10,000 books. Hindustan times, Times of India, Amar Ujala & Dainik Jagran are regular news papers. Besides this, school provides periodics like: Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition success, India today,Panorma, Children's digest,Encyclopedia and much more!

Music Room

To maximise the co-curricular out put & provide platform to develop the hidden talent, music room is another part of learning fully equipped with different music instruments including CASIO.

Children Park

The school is having well equipped children park which develops the team spirit & refresh the brain of tiny tots.

Summer Camp

The students remain in the school only for six hours & in this competitive world they have to be perfect in every field of life. It is not possible to teach all the extra activities inthe school hours since we are very much conscious about Academic standard & this is a scientific fact that our brain works 24 hours. It is taking brief rest during sleep. If we are giving long rest to our brain it breaks the continuity.

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory at ROISSS give Students the opportunity to perform experiments that explore important chemical concept.

Biology Laboratory

This is ROISSS School's Biology Laboratory our lab experts conveys how well students can perform and experimentation process, convey information how to stay safe in Lab.

Physics Laboratory

The school has a dedicated physics Lab with the, latest equipment for the students to perform the experiments.The school has a dedicated physics Lab with the, latest equipment for the students to perform the experiments. The school has a dedicated physics Lab with the, latest equipment for the students to perform the experiments.


We believe that sports is an essential part of the school curriculum, as not only does it keep the body hale and hearty, but it also allows students to channel and expend any pent-up energy which could otherwise be vented in destructive ways. The school has a large playground, with lush grass, used for Football, Cricket, Archery, Track and field events and Kho-Kho. Besides this, there are hard courts for Badminton, Volleyball, Throw ball, Basketball and Tennis.

Computer Laboratory

Students, faculty and staff have access to the computer labs, which provide the tools and technologies to produce websites, edit papers, complete class assignments, communicate via email, conduct data analyses and access library resources. Microsoft Windows software is available for word processing, statistics, spreadsheets and database management. A variety of graphics and website-creation software programs are also available.

Maths Laboratory

With the aim to remove Math phobia and enhance interest in the subject, the Math Lab houses a variety of models and exhibits to explain and elucidate difficult formulae of trigonometry. It also has a variety of games that enhance the mathematical ability and calculations skills of the students.